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Frequently Asked Patient Questions and Answers You’ll Want To Know

How much blood is drawn?
It depends on your physician’s orders, but typically, for a healthy, fully hydrated patient, we draw between 100 to 150 milliliters (ml) of blood to process your NovoTears.
How much NovoTears do I get?
Depending upon the amount of blood drawn and your physicians prescribed concentration of the final product, 100 ml of drawn blood
will typically yield 30 individual 3 ml eye dropper bottles.
How long will it take from the time I have my blood drawn until my NovoTears are ready?
We typically have your NovoTears Ready within 72 hours for pick-up or delivery.
Do I need to drink or eat before my blood draw?
Yes. It is helpful if you are fully hydrated so please drink lots of water. It is also helpful if you have eaten before you come in for your blood draw. DO NOT need to fast before your blood draw.
You say that NovoTears must be stored frozen until use, and then refrigerated upon use, what if I am out all day?
Because NovoTears are made from biological ingredients from your blood, it could support bacterial growth. Therefore, it is recommended that when you are out that you carry your NovoTears eye drops in a cooler.
Do I need to bring a cooler with me when I pick up my NovoTears?
No, we will provide you with a small Styrofoam cooler if you need one.

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