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What are Serum Eye Drops?


Human tears are a complex, multi-layered film that protects and lubricates your eye.  Tears contain beneficial components such as growth factors and vitamins to support tissue health, structure, and growth.

Patients often do not produce enough of these components, which can result in problems that may lead to a loss of sight.

One common treatment is artificial tears, which provide lubrication to the surface of the eye but lack the natural nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy tear film.

Serum Eye Drops (SEDs) are often prescribed as an alternative to artificial tears as a source of lubrication and proper nutrients for healthy tears. Clinical studies have shown SEDs to be an effective treatment for dry eye and other conditions.

SEDs are produced from a patient’s blood serum or a matched donor (oftentimes a family member). We use your serum to produce a natural tear substitute that is completely unique to you.

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